Revolutionary Glass Curtains: Bi-folding Doors and Windows

Welcome world with open arms! Doors and windows are openings towards the world outside. With stylized doors and beautiful windows we invite all! we invite the life as it comes with all its treasures and astonishments. As it comes to doors, we immediately imagine a wood framed structure prevalent since ages, but now-a- days glass doors and windows are trending. Moreover, the entire wall is renewed by glass curtains. Sleek is the new definition of style, minimal structure yet complete enclosure with facility to open the entire structure.

There are many advanced features available in the fenestration industry for manufacturing doors and windows. But bi-folding doors and windows are revolutionary.

The system allows employing the product as bi-folding doors, windows and also as glass curtains, enclosing the sitting area with scenery still visible.

The system works on two horizontally fixed aluminium structures at the top and bottom where full or partial opening of the panels is possible. Bi-folding glass curtains are suitable for enclosures such as swimming pool, balcony, solarium, pergolas, summer house and winter gardens. Commercial usage for offices, hotels, restaurants and dining halls is also possible.

Alfen Bi-folding Doors and Windows Series is the only one in the market available in bi- color profile with different color finishes for both interior and exterior. The other features of the product are mentioned below:

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