Innovation in design

Innovation as a driving force has brought fenestration manufacturing technology to the next level with much greener products, suitable for all, the environment and the inhabitants as well. Innovation is a constant process, since the Rajputana forts to our chic-style up-market restaurants, bars, hotels, pubs and even hospitals. Don’t you get amazed to see the hospitals these days, lately the patient as well as the attendants use to feel even sicker due the ambiance that hospitals use to provide. At that time, windows not to forget were the only providers for some fresh breathable air, the breeze that could help the patient recover soon, as they even use to say. Did you ever notice, why? Why it was so, that the patient near the window use to recover earlier, due to the freshness and openness that a mere ignored window provided. It is well said that, ‘windows are the eyes of the building’s soul, as our eyes are windows to the soul’.

Overlooked and meager was the role of fenestration in a building in early times, nowadays architectural designs are based on the placement of fenestrations. Doors, windows, skylights, retractable roofs, railings, balconies, pergolas, and so much more, there is a lot to do in the fenestration world. Yes! It is a new world in the fenestration industry these days, with the growing demand, there are new inventions and discoveries now and then. Where aluminium replaced the old wood frames, glass changed the entire industry. Glass helped in many ways. Bi- folding, sliding and even French doors and windows are trending, for all types of applications. Glazing feature for the product worked wonders, for providing much dreamt off picturesque view, better sealing against pollutants or insulation in extreme climates.

Nevertheless, we at Alfen are maintaining high standards to keep up with the growing demand in terms of innovation in our designs and the quality that last for a lifetime.

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