Significance of Fenestration in a building and role of aluminium windows in it

Generally, literal and architectural meaning of the term ‘fenestration’ is referred to as windows, doors and skylights, etc. As per its origination from the Latin word ‘Fenestra’, which meant ‘opening’, Fenestration has gone through a long exuberating journey. Where nowadays, architectural excellence is projected via proper placement of fenestration in a building, in early times it was mere an opening for ventilation and natural light.

In Medieval ages, robust construction of palaces and other buildings too lacked fenestration, probably due to limitation of putting up so much weight on walls with windows in them. Windows and doors in a building play a major role in reducing the weight of the entire construction and making it lighter without compromising on its strength. As the time passed, architectural development witnessed the mastery over the application and manufacturing of fenestration. Fenestration not only provides an opening, but currently these are helpful in optimum utilization of natural and other resources employed. Moreover, precisely made fenestration may help reduce much of the electricity consumption by reducing the need for lights, cutting the cost of air conditioning and much more.

Additionally, aluminium works wonders in modern day buildings by making it corrosion-free, long-lasting, light in weight and hence cost effective with low maintenance. Aluminium windows have many benefits, in comparison to age-old wood frame windows. Aluminium doors and windows combat noise, heat, water and air pollutants better than ever before. Glazing of the glasses fights with the scorching sun and resists extreme weather conditions by keeping the internal temperature lower. Furthermore, co-extruded gasket sealing maintains the inner environment, with reducing outside noise, dust and water, also helps to intact cooling.

Alfen aluminium windows are coming in variation to choose your pick with the added benefits they provide. Sliding doors and windows are even a much preferred choice these days as they need no opening indoor or outdoor space, with their ultra-sleek and contemporary appearance.

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